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There’s no starting points to spend times but We start with a concept, we brainstorm and develop ideas that are custom designed to your business and your market. Then you choose which concept or combination of concepts work best for your video. Next our award winning script team writes the perfect script. Once the script is finalized, the CineMation team wraps up the rest of the pre-production process including casting, storyboards, scheduling, and budgeting.


Next one of our award winning directors takes you project into production. Based on your budget and the scope of the project, we film on location, or in studio and provide location scouting services if required. Our production team uses the best equipment and technology for each production, whether it is 35 MM film, the RED Camera, Arri, or DSLR. Each production is different, so we provide a range of tools to achieve the right look and feel.

Post Production and Visual Effects

Lastly, we begin post production. Evolve Media has an extremely strong visual effects team that has worked on major motion pictures and commercials. Whether it is basic editing, motion graphics, 3D modeling, matte painting, or live action integration, we can bring the magic of your video alive. Take a look at some of our samples and let our visual effects work speak for itself.

Our production company serves Maryland, Virginia Area including NY, PA